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This weekend, from June 28 to June 30, is the eighth annual festival in Taubman’s honor at Montclair State University. This year’s Taubman Piano Festival will include a large number of young players in the master classes and demonstrations: 27...



Dorothy Taubman was not a doctor, nor a physiotherapist, but as a piano teacher and lecturer on piano technique she observed how the body worked in piano playing and developed a technique which enabled pianists to play with ease and comfort, and to...


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For the past 60 years Dorothy Taubman has been a maverick among piano teachers. She never agreed with the old age of no pain, no gain, and consistently advises students chat "playing the piano should feel absolutely delicious." She believes it is...



And that’s the basic idea of a controversial message emanating from a Brooklyn woman who has taught piano for 50 years. During that time, Dorothy Taubman has spawned thousands of disciples of the Taubman method, known largely within the U.S. piano...



Last month, about 200 keyboardists--performers, professors, would-be teachers, doctors, scientists and just the curious, ranging from ages 13 to 71 and hailing from as far as Israel, Scotland and Japan--assembled at Amherst College for the 18th...



Mrs. Taubman, who has spent nearly 50 years teaching and showing pianists how to solve physical problems, believes that many injuries at the keyboard can be avoided. ''Musicians only have to know about four or five muscles, really,'' she said. She...



Creating musical pleasure is causing musicians a lot of pain. Music may grant cathartic satisfactions few other human occupations can match, but from many it is also exacting a heavy price - in chronic afflictions of muscles and tendons; a heavy...

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